HGQLC: Looking Back & Looking Ahead

If you follow us anywhere on social media, chances are that you’ve heard we’re raising money to bring “Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis” back for season 2. You probably also know that this show is a labor of love for everyone involved. This time, we want to delve further into the L.A. Wizarding World, spend some more time with our original characters, figure out exactly why Draco is being so awkward and off-putting, and watch Hermione put the pieces of her life back together, and we need your help to do it!


It’s not just that we’re excited to bring the show back because it’s a project we love working on, but because this show means so much to all of us, but because we mean so much to the people who have supported us over the past year. It’s a chance for Potterheads of color to really feel represented in the Wizarding World. It grants us an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the fandom to which we’ve been loyal for so long. And maybe most of all, it allows us to imagine a more fitting ending to Hermione’s story – one in which she strays from her very well-planned path for a bit to explore the world, figure out who she is, and reconnect with the people who meant the world to her before Hogwarts.


The good news is that we’ve already raised over $13K. The bad news is that’s still about $13K shy of our goal and, as of this writing, we only have six days left in the campaign. Donate what you can, spread the word far and wide, and wish us a ton of luck.

For more info, including some interviews with the cast and crew, check out this video from the team: