The Story

Created by Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael, "Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis" picks up shortly after the events of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” The Battle of Hogwarts is won, the Wizarding World has moved on without the threat of Voldemort, and a disillusioned, 25-year-old Hermione Granger (Ashley Romans) takes stock of her life and decides that she doesn't want to stay with Ron Weasley, remain in the U.K., or grow up to be Minister of Magic.

Instead, she ends her relationship with Ron and sets off for Los Angeles, where she reunites with her witty, feminist Muggle cousin, LaQuita Granger (Tamara French), her former Hogwarts roommate, Parvati Patil (Sinead Persuad) and fellow Hogwarts alum, Draco Malfoy (Nicholas D. Johnson). She also meets several new friends including Ilvermorney grad/hacker, Juniper Dias (Stephanie Ezekiel), professional Quidditch player, Kang Tae Joon (Chase Yi), Benjamin van den Berghe (DJ Ester), the researcher with wanderlust, and wizard activist, Leslie “Dez” Desmond (Robert Dowdy).

The Team 

This project couldn't get done without our amazing production crew!


Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael

Show Creator, Director and Ravenclaw
Interesting fact: I was so quiet as a child that most people thought I couldn't talk. 
Favorite thing about Harry Potter: that it exists.

Jessica Jenks.png

Jessica Jenks


Megan Grogan.jpg

Megan Grogan




L. Olive .jpg

L. Olive Hernandez

Dog's name is Martini Olive. (Get it?) Fav Hermione moment: When she punched Draco in the face. #boss


Naamee Yisrael.jpg

Naamee Yisrael

Executive Producer
Huffleclaw. Obsessed with Sci-Fi and K-Dramas.

Lauren McEwen.jpg

Lauren McEwen

Social Media Manager
She is the dragon breathing fire. Freelance Writer. Ravendor.


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