What happens when Hermione writes her own ending? 

A web series about the brightest witch of her age tackling her greatest challenge yet: becoming a woman!

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In 2004, the popular American Wizarding World publication, The Wizard's Voice, discovered one of the No-Maj's most surprisingly wonderful creations: the Internet. Seizing an opportunity, the staff decided to make TWV the first magical news outlet with a web presence. To celebrate, TWV did a series on Young Witches and Wizards in LA.

It primarily focused on three witches: the brilliant, British-born witch and WizardingWorld hero, Hermione Granger, the chic assistant beauty editor of Bewitched Magazine (and Granger's former Hogwarts roommate), Parvati Patil, and Patil's roommate and co-worker, Juniper Dias, an American witch and computer whiz who studied at Ilvermorny. The series consisted of several interviews and "stolen moments" (candid footage captured with the help of a little magic) that featured the witches and their friends to give a look at what it was like to be young and magical in the early aughts. 

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